Improved collaboration with Unified Communications from Swyx

Excellent Teamwork

Due to different company branches, home-office regulations and colleagues in the field, cooperation in everyday work is not always easy. Combined with complex tasks including different decision makers the challenge is even greater. If, for time or economic reasons, it is not possible to sit down together at one table, suitable alternatives are required.

With Swyx Meeting the Swyx PBX provides you with a WebRTC-based collaboration solution as an optimal support in such cases.

A virtual conference room, with or without video telephony, can be used for scheduled conferences or conversations with a larger number of participants, in which all authorised participants can meet. The access is secured so that you do not need to worry about unauthorised participants.

Everything at a glance

  • Swyx Meeting: WebRTC-based Collaboration Solution
  • Web conferencing and video telephony
  • Screen and application sharing with a single mouse click
  • Chat function for instant messages
  • Short-term recording of telephone calls with SwyxRecord
  • SwyxMonitor: efficient training function with call recording and call routing

If you wish to work together on documents and presentations, the screen sharing function is the ideal solution. With just one mouse click you can share your desktop or a specific application with all participants.

If things have to go quickly, such as when you have a query about the current customer call, chat with your colleague for a moment. The included Messenger is especially designed for the use in a business environment and makes it possible to exchange instant messages and documents in a simple way.

With Swyx Meeting your PBX becomes a Unified Communications Allrounder!

GDPR compliant recording of phone calls

Everyone is talking about multitasking, but it can also distract from the essential and important details are lost. With Swyx you have the possibility to concentrate on the really important thing - the conversation. By clicking just one button conversations can easily be recorded. The person on the other end of the line is informed by an acoustic signal. Especially during telephone calls with a lot of participants, when several people speak at once, the recording of the conversation is a useful simplification in business life. With Swyx you don’t need to worry about forgetting important details for protocols, presentations or in contract situations.

Recordings can easily be exported or forwarded by e-mail, so field employees on business travel or colleagues who were on vacation during the call benefit equally. You can listen to the details again, analyse the call and take notes.

The recording function has also proven itself for training purposes - the recordings can be used to demonstrate to a new employee how a telephone conversation with a customer should be conducted without interrupting the conversation with a prospective customer or customer.

You don't have to remember every little detail - your telephone system does! Turn Swyx into your personal assistant!

Efficient training of new employees - with SwyxMonitor

For companies that require continuous call recording, such as in call centre environments, the Swyx PBX offers SwyxMonitor, a permanent, system-wide recording function for all incoming and outgoing calls. The call partner is notified of the recording by an acoustic signal. Important contractual or legal information is no longer lost. Recordings can be easily exported and forwarded by email so that the recorded conversations can subsequently be used for training purposes.

When training new employees, it may also be useful if a supervisor or mentor listens in on the first customer phone calls of the new colleague. This way, conversations can be heard without the agent or other participant hearing a connection tone. The supervisor or mentor can "whisper" helpful hints or information to the colleague, without the caller being able to follow the conversation. This gives the new colleague security and trains his service competence, which has a lasting effect on customer satisfaction.

With the business telephone system from Swyx you have the right co-trainer in your team!

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