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from the cloud or in-house

In everyday working life, home office arrangements, mobile employees and cross-location working require different forms of communication. For unrestricted collaboration, services such as messaging or conferencing have therefore become more important in recent years alongside pure telephony. 

Our unified communications solution is specially tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and this is exactly where Swyx comes in: Swyx combines communication and collaboration. In addition to strong telephony functions, collaboration applications such as messaging, video communication and screen sharing are available at every workstation. The solution is complemented by seamless integration with applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, as well as the presence display for the availability status of each individual employee. Processes are accelerated, making it easier to work smoothly - regardless of location. This applies regardless of how many employees you have today or which functions you will need tomorrow.

Over 20 years of experience and exchange with thousands of SMEs throughout Europe have gone into the planning and development of Swyx products. Knowledge of the challenges, expectations and needs of SMEs will continue to determine our offering in the future.


  • Complete phone system functionality with call management for each user
  • Communication on all relevant desktop platforms such as Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS® as well as support for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems
  • Intelligent call routing and queue management 
  • Enhanced collaboration with presence information, messaging, conferencing, desktop sharing, and video calling
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook and Microsoft®Teams
  • From the cloud or on-premise

Improve cooperation
Presence status, chat, mobile & co

See and be seen - the presence information in Swyx makes it possible to display the status of one's own availability to other employees. Team members can see who is logged on or available and can reach the desired participant straight away. This saves time and avoids unsuccessful communication attempts.

When things need to happen quickly - Exchange instant messages within a company in real time with Swyx Messenger. Operational workflows and processes can be made faster and more efficient. For example, during a customer call, a sales representative can use messaging to check with a colleague quickly, easily and unnoticed by the caller.

Conferences for an ideal exchange - Swyx includes a conference function that allows you to set up and conduct internal and external conference calls with any number of participants - with the implemented Swyx Meeting Option also as a video conference.

Always stay reachable - With Swyx, you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone into your business communications. Simply download the Swyx Mobile App to your iPhone or Android end device and your cell phone becomes a fully-fledged extension.


Whether it's video conferencing, chat, screen sharing or document sharing - with Swyx Meeting all doors are open to you. Start your online meeting directly from the browser without having to download additional software. The individual functions are designed to be user-friendly and self-explanatory, so you can get started quickly and easily.

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From the cloud or on site
Overview of operating models 


The variant on a server at your company - for individual requirements regarding data protection & security

Rent functions on a monthly basis and operate them on your own server - predictable, monthly costs instead of high one-time payments

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Solution as service data protection compliant from European data center - simple and fast setup, particularly high flexibility

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Microsoft Outlook

Calls can be started quickly and easily with a mouse click directly from any Outlook contact, incoming and outgoing calls are logged in the journal, and voice and fax messages are easily sent to your own mailbox. Immediately see the availability of the respective Outlook contact in a message or appointment. Depending on the presence status displayed, it is easy to decide whether to contact the person further. The presence status of the respective user is also available in all Microsoft Office products.



With the extensive telephone system functionalities of Swyx, you can expand Microsoft Teams in an ideal way. The strong call routing options, the flexible end device support, but also the extensive connection options to the public telephone network ensure optimal accessibility in the company and thus enable perfect customer service. With Swyx, companies are able to effectively implement all business-critical communication applications that are in demand in companies today, thus ensuring accessibility for customers.

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Call Routing
Control accessibility 

The integrated Call Routing Manager allows you to automatically divert calls to a desired number, such as a mobile number or another employee's phone number, if you are unable to answer the call yourself. Intelligent call forwarding based on calendar information or your status makes manual activation or deactivation of forwarding unnecessary: Swyx knows whether a user is currently available or not. With the integrated rule wizard, call forwarding can also be implemented depending on specific times, weekdays or holidays.

Queue management
Perfect customer service

Add efficient queue management to your Swyx solution. Incoming calls can thus be reliably answered and processed in selected groups of employees, so that waiting times for your customers are minimized even at peak times or during staff bottlenecks. Calls are delivered according to individually defined rules. The integrated dashboard gives you an overview of all queues at any time, including display of personal statistics and performance of the entire group, number of calls, average waiting time of callers and much more.

WITH VisualContacts

With the VisualContacts option, you bring together distributed contact information in the company. This gives all employees quick access to telephone numbers and other relevant contact data from a wide range of company applications. The intelligent contact preparation also enables direct searches within the Swyx Windows client and quick identification for incoming telephone calls.

Due to the use of diff erent database systems in a company, the search for employee and contact data is often very time-consuming. VisualContacts solves this problem by consolidating all relevant information in a central database based on the LDAP protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

Make your telephone system complete 
Perfect complement to Swyx


Enreach offers you a wide range of phones and communication terminals for every purpose.

Overview end devices



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Unified Communications with Swyx

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Swyx Telephony Devices

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Swyx Mobile

Accessibility outside the company

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Technical details

Read more about the features of the Swyx telephone system such as telephony and convenience functions, 
installation and administration as well as protocols and standards.

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