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With VisualGroups

With the option VisualGroups you add an efficient queue management to your Swyx solution. Incoming calls can be reliably answered and processed in selected groups of employees, minimising waiting times for your customers.


VisualGroups is a software option that is easy to install and can be up and running in minutes to maximise accessibility within the business. On the user side, queue management integrates seamlessly with the SwyxIt! desktop application. This means that no additional applications need to be installed and no separate applications need to be opened for operation. Operation is convenient via the central user interface.


When handling daily telephone traffic, it is of course desirable that every incoming call is either answered directly or forwarded immediately by a staff member to another person. However, at peak times or when there are staff shortages, it is often not always possible to answer or handle the call directly. Here VisualGroups supports you by always reliably answering calls.


All callers in the queue are clearly displayed on the user interface. Calls are either delivered automatically based on the respective waiting time or each group member can decide individually which call is to be answered. The name of the caller in the waiting queue can also be used for this purpose, e.g. for VIPs or customers who expect premium services.

Call acceptance can also be controlled if a defined waiting time is exceeded. To do this, you define a special call number to which callers are forwarded after the waiting time has been exceeded. Decide for yourself whether the caller is answered personally, diverted to a mobile phone or, for example, receives a special announcement with the option of a voicemail to be called back.

Everything at a glance

  • Queue management with intelligent call distribution
  • Skill-based routing according to individual criteria
  • Wallboard with real-time quality of service
  • Extensive reporting functions with Swyx Analytics
  • Directly see who is calling: call number resolution from LDAP contact server
  • Individual announcements and queue music
  • Call categorisation


VisualGroups built-in statistics provide you with a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all queues at any time:

• Display of personal statistics and performance of the entire group
• Number of received calls
• Missed calls
• Average call duration
• Average waiting time of callers
• Available group members
• Service-Level

In addition to the dashboard, you can email detailed service reports in PDF format at flexible intervals. These are particularly suitable for analyzing and optimizing the quality of service and accessibility in customer service. With the included Wallboard funtionality you are able to visualise all relevant key performance indicators for your service quality at a glance.

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Efficient queue management

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