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Why Swyx from Enreach

Companies are constantly changing. Product adaptations, restructurings or technical innovations – companies need to adapt to ever-changing conditions and create a productive work environment for their employees. The individual offices of the past are more and more replaced by open-plan offices, shared desks and home offices. Increasing internationalisation also plays a decisive role in everyday working life: information is shared across borders, decision paths are becoming more complex.

We at Enreach are familiar with the challenges that arise in day-to-day communication and collaboration as well as the resulting requirements for a modern telephony solution. We feel right at home in the medium-sized businesses segment. For more than 20 years, we have been developing communication solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our medium-sized customers. Based on our many years of experience, we know exactly what medium-sized companies need and which aspects are important in different industries. Thanks to our own development department in Dortmund, Germany, we are always close to the product and ensure that our solution makes your everyday life easier - now and in the future.

Everything at a glance

  • IP-based communication software that offers more than just telephony
  • With many useful features such as presence status, queue management, call routing, online meetings and more
  • From the Cloud or Inhouse
  • 1 million satisfied users
  • We have been on the market since 1999 as one of the first companies for IP-based communication software
  • More than 1,200 certified specialist trade partners in Europe
  • Multiple awards
  • We understand your business – as a mid-size business, we know what our mid-size customers need

One solution for a wide range of requirements

Enreach offers a convenient all-in-one solution that enables you to improve communication and collaboration across all areas of your business, for example, for...

... employees who forward many external calls:

Employees who receive a large number of incoming calls and forward them to colleagues, such as receptionists, lose a lot of time because of unsuccessful attempts to transfer calls. With Swyx's easy-to-use interface, they can keep an eye on their colleagues at all times and immediately see whether someone is available or not based on their presence status. Unsuccessful contact attempts are a thing of the past.

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... employees who handle high call volumes in a team:

Sales and support teams as well as other user groups who share responsibility for answering calls to central telephone numbers such as service or order hotlines need a way to efficiently process incoming calls. With the queue management tool VisualGroups, they can distribute calls comfortably in the group and minimise waiting times for callers. So you won't lose any calls anymore.

More about VisualGroups

... employees who attend many meetings:

Managers in particular often hurry from one meeting to the next and cannot always be reached by telephone. With the help of call routing, however, they can redirect calls intelligently. Based on calendar entries or other predefined criteria, Swyx automatically forwards calls to an assistant or colleague. The rules for individual call forwarding are set up only once with a few clicks, so the user no longer has to worry about it. Since the system knows who is calling, it is possible to define exceptions.
In this event, important callers are put through directly to the mobile phone.

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... employees who work together across locations:

The collaboration tool Swyx Meeting facilitates coordination with colleagues in other branch offices or in the home office. Employees at different locations can easily collaborate, talk to each other, chat or use video telephony via web conference. They can also share their own screen or exchange files. This makes collaboration much easier and is also more personal. The best thing about it: With Swyx Meeting, you can start your online meeting conveniently from your browser without having to download any additional software. Start your meeting from anywhere!

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... employees who are frequently on the go:

Even employees who spend little time at a fixed workplace are optimally integrated into the communication with Swyx. Those who are frequently on the go, such as IT staff or house technicians, are well equipped with Enreach cordless handsets and can also be reached via their office number. Employees who have a lot of external appointments can access their contacts and important functions thanks to Swyx Mobile.


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