One decisive advantage of Swyx Mobile is being reachable under one single phone number. This means you can be reached at one single business number, no matter whether you are using a smartphone or a fixed phone. When using the Swyx App to make outgoing calls, your office number is displayed to the callee. Moreover, you can flexibly define call forwarding rules in the VoIP software from Swyx, thereby exercising a high level of control over your availability.

Keep a handle on everything, even when out and about

You may be familiar with this problem: You‘re on the road and urgently need to reach a colleague from a certain department to obtain information. But what was that person‘s extension? With the Swyx App on your smartphone, you not only have access to all company contacts, but can also view their presence status to avoid wasting time on unsuccessful call attempts. This saves time, allowing you to concentrate on what is most important.

With Swyx, you can seamlessly integrate your smartphone into the company communications system. Simply install the Swyx App on your iPhone or Android device, and your mobile phone instantly becomes a full-value extension of your Swyx PBX.

Everything at a glance

  • Voice communication in HD audio quality
  • Navigating through contacts, favourites, call journal
  • Messaging: Individual and group chat, sending pictures & documents
  • Starting calls via direct input, or by using the phone book, call journal and favourites
  • Call management (connect, forward, mute, hold and toggle)
  • Number suppression for calls, name resolution for numbers
  • Voicemail support with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
  • Contact management and telephone book with search function
  • Creation of a favourites list for contacts
  • Call protocols (incoming, outgoing, missed calls)
  • HD conferences, user-initiated ad-hoc 3-party conferences
  • Call forwarding for all calls or if the user is not answering, busy or logged out
  • Presence and profile management (setting manual presence status and status message)
  • Push Notification Support
  • Optimized for iPad

Swyx Mobile

Accessibility outside the company

Language: English
Filesize: 2.8 MB


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