Gigaset N720IP PRO

The Gigaset N720 DECT IP multi-cell system consists of the two components base station, N720 IP PRO, and DECT manager, N720 DM PRO. It can support up to 100 DECT handsets, 30 parallel calls and allows up to 30 base stations to be easily connected to extend coverage and number of users. The N720 IP PRO also supports both on-premise and cloud based PBX systems to offer flexible communication for growing businesses.

The Swyx DECT700 system is compatible with the Gigaset IP DECT multicell N720IP PRO. An existing Swyx DECT700 system can thus be expanded with both Gigaset Professional handsets and N720 base stations.

Supported handsets


Performance, price and design are right here: this business phone is high-quality, attractively priced and beautifully designed. To keep it that way, it has a hard surface coating.
This means: scratches and disinfectants don't bother it, dirt and viruses don't stand a chance.


If you expect the lean design of a smartphone and the technology of a professional DECT handset from a phone, the Gigaset SL800H PRO is just what you need. It is the smallest and lightest cordless phone in the Gigaset Professional portfolio, with a large colour display, brilliant sound quality and excellent battery.


The ruggadized handset is certified to IP 65. Combined with the flashlight LED for noisier areas, the R700H PRO is perfect for production sites, outdoor facilities or logistics centres.


  • Up to 100 handsets
  • Up to 30 basestations
  • Up to 30 parallel calls
  • Handover and Roaming

Gigaset Communications GmbH

Gigaset Communications GmbH
Frankenstr. 2
D-46395 Bocholt

Technical Details

Tested Firmware117
Compatible ToSwyxWare 11, SwyxWare 12, SwyxWare 13
Further InfosTestreport N720 PRO IP

You can find any previous product version tests under "Further information" in the test report.


Gigaset is an internationally operating company in the area of communications technology. The company is Europe’s market leader in DECT telephones and is also a leader in the international arena, with around 900 employees and sales activities in 50 countries. Its business activities comprise not only DECT phones, but also an extensive smartphone portfolio, cloud-based smart home security solutions, and business telephony solutions for small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

Additional information about the Gigaset N720IP PRO can be found here:

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