BlogSwyx and Microsoft Teams - a strong connection

Swyx and Microsoft Teams - a strong connection

An ideal connection - Swyx and Microsoft Teams

With the Swyx Version 12.30 release, it is now possible to synchronize the presence status in Microsoft Teams with Swyx. This makes it possible, to control a parallel call in the Swyx client during a Teams telephone call or web meeting. No additional license is required for this new function and it is available independently of the "Direct Routing" functionality.

Further functions in Swyx Messenger

With the new version, messages in the Messenger can be deleted and sent messages can be edited afterwards. Messages that have not yet been sent are displayed in the navigation area. The new version also supports simple drag & drop of files in Messenger and automatic focus on the search field after pressing '+'.
The new version also offers new features in the group chat. In addition to displaying group members in the group chat list, a tooltip enhancement to the group icon has also been made, showing the admin and all group members. 

Call journal enhancements

The new version 12.30 shows next to the call duration with which employee the caller was connected. The display and transfer of the call duration with the Swyx connector for DATEV is a big plus, because the transfer of the call duration allows a direct allocation and billing.

New with VisualGroups 

In addition to queue-based licensing, user-based licensing of VisualGroups is now also offered for classic SwyxWare licensing, i.e. registered users require a license and the number of queues is not limited. Combining user or queue licenses is not possible. In addition, Swyx VisualGroups now also includes Swyx Analytics for VisualGroups when a new license is issued, enabling individual analysis of the data. 

Better support for end devices

With version 12.30 the global phonebook of YEALINK phones via LDAPS is supported.

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