BlogOne click only to start a new online meeting

One click only to start a new online meeting

The new Swyx Version 12.20 provides numerous functions to integrate online meetings with Swyx Meeting even more into the communication. For this purpose there is a new button in Swyx Messenger to start a web conference directly from a chat. The person who is invited receives a notification via chat and can thus enter the meeting immediately with a click of the mouse. This makes it much easier to start a telephone call or web conference in a chat to discuss further details.

When participants enter the waiting room of a Swyx Meeting conference room, the moderator now also receives a Windows notification. This saves time when participants are late and leaves the opportunity to do other things in the meantime.

More features in Swyx Messenger

In addition to the interaction with Swyx Meeting, Swyx Messenger has been given further new functions. The new version supports the sending of pictures and files. Calls can also be started directly from a chat. In addition to the terminal server or RDS support, the user interface of the Messenger can now also be used in Italian, Dutch and French. Furthermore, there are numerous improvements in usability.

Better support for terminal devices

With version 12.20, the feature pack for certified SIP phones now supports Yealink conference phones and call signaling can be configured between internal and external calls. The SwyxIt! Windows client can be used with standard USB and Bluetooth headsets.

Further details can be found in the included release notes. The new version is available to customers with Software Update Plan or Swyx Update Service.

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