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Make online meetings more interactive

Swyx Meeting now with conference sticker and display of the active speaker

Especially in the current situation and the associated shift of work to the home office, the effectiveness of online meetings is becoming increasingly important. That's why we are now making meetings with Swyx Meeting even more user-friendly and above all more interactive.

Make meetings more interactive with Sticker 

The first important extension of Swyx Meeting are the Meeting Stickers. Stickers and emojis already give us the opportunity to express our opinions and feelings in many situations of digital life. So why not use this type of communication for online meetings? 

Meeting stickers help participants to be more active in a meeting and not just the keynote speaker or host communicating. Interactivity through non-verbal contributions also helps guests stay more alert and less distracted from the meeting as they are more integrated and encouraged to interact. 

It's also easier for the presenter to keep track of who is trying to say something, rather than having to watch multiple video images or follow the chat dialogue. The display of stickers is centrally located so that participants' reactions and messages are easily seen and transmitted live for seven seconds. They can then be pinned on to remain visible for longer. 

Examples of stickers in action:

  • Urgent questions or the need to leave the meeting, but you don't want to interrupt the conversation? Raise your "hand".
  • The moderator gives everyone a task. Place a "check mark" when they have completed the task.
  • Do you want to agree to the proposed item? Communicate this with the "thumbs up" sticker.  
  • Does the moderator want to give the floor to the guest speaker? Click on the "no discussion" icon.

In addition to a standard package of stickers, there are a number of additional packages specially designed for popular working methods, such as Agile, Scrum and Holacracy.

Usability improved - with the "Active Speaker" display

The "Active Speaker" function makes the speaking person appear larger than the video images of the other participants. This optimizes the transfer of information to the rest of the audience and offers the participants visual variety. 

More new functions will follow

Many more features will follow in the coming months, including presence status integration and the associated ability to adjust their reachability during a videoconference, bandwidth optimization, further integrations and a redesigned user interface. 

Continued success in your online meetings with Swyx Meeting!


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