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Well informed with presence information

„Do you know if Bernd Meyer is here today? I have already tried to get him on the phone 5 times, but he is not answering!” Such or similar conversations are common in everyday office life. This can be frustrating and doesn’t really help your business or your employees. With SwyxIt! our IP-PBX offers a user interface that directly answers the question concerning accessibility. Every employee has his own presence status that indicates his accessibility. So everyone can choose between available, away, do not disturb and logged off. This status is also individually amendable by extensions such as “Back in 10 minutes”. Through the seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes, you can let your calendar “speak” directly.

With the simple and clearly designed user interface, you have the various telephony functions of your telephone system, such as redialling, holding, connecting, recording or initiating telephone conferences, under control at all times.

Everything at a glance

  • Simple and clearly designed user interface
  • Presence information with additional information and calendar integration
  • Consolidated company contacts with VisualContacts
  • Intelligent call management with the Call Routing Manager
  • Graphical script editor for complex speech dialog systems 
  • Voicemail system with extensive options
  • VisualGroups for better customer service

Connecting business contacts with telephony - VisualContacts

Not only the internal contact management can be easily solved by Swyx. With VisualContacts you keep track of all your business contacts. All contact information is merged within the company and made available conveniently in the familiar telephony environment. Whether CRM, merchandise management, SQL databases or individual customer systems, users have immediate access to all relevant contact data from the most diverse databases for incoming calls. So you have all the information at your fingertips without tedious, time-consuming searching and you can meet the caller professionally. Further information about VisualContacts


IP telephony with intelligent call management

Are you regularly away from the office at certain times, but don't want your customers' calls to remain unanswered? With the help of the Call Routing Manager, calls can be forwarded to colleagues, mobile phones or voicemails depending on certain times of the day or days of the week – you can choose from a wide range of different possibilities. Call forwarding based on calendar entries or presence information is also possible without any problems.

Once the rule as been created, it can be reactivated at any time with just one click.

The Graphical Script Editor (SwyxECR) offers even more possibilities, allowing you to create extensive speech dialog systems. According to the "If, then, otherwise" principle, callers can be forwarded to selected departments, for example, by clicking certain keys on the phone.

All action sequences can be designed completely individually according to your own needs and application scenarios. Among other things, actions such as putting through, loops, recording messages and generating e-mails are conceivable. The user-friendly interface ensures that actions can be created quickly and easily.

You don't have time to answer the call, but still want to serve the customer optimally? Simply transfer the caller to your PBX!

Voicemail optimally integrated

Almost anyone can simply query voicemails - but with the Swyx IP PBX you have your own voicemail system with extensive options. Your voicemails can either be conveniently retrieved by telephone or sent as an attachment by e-mail. It is also possible to listen to your voicemails remotely via PIN from any telephone connection.

Not every call is the same - why your voicemail? With Swyx every user can configure his personal voicemail individually and select and record different announcements for special call handling scenarios. In combination with the Call Routing Manager, for example, you can greet selected customers with an individual greeting. Be responsive to your customers, even if you are personally prevented from doing so!

Don't let your customers wait - with VisualGroups

With VisualGroups Queue Management, incoming calls can be reliably answered and processed in selected groups of employees, so that waiting times for your customers are minimized even during peak times or during personnel bottlenecks. Calls are delivered according to individually defined rules such as the length of the waiting period.

With the integrated statistics of VisualGroups you get a dashboard for the quick view that gives you an overview of all queues at any time including display of personal statistics and performance of the entire group, number of calls (missed / answered), average waiting time of callers and much more.

In addition to the dashboard, you can e-mail detailed service reports at flexible intervals in PDF format. These reports are particularly useful for analysing and optimising service quality and availability in customer service. With the included Wallboard funtionality you are able to visualise all relevant key performance indicators for your service quality at a glance. Turn your business telephone system into your sparring partner! Further information about VisualGroups

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