Swyx IP Phone System: For easy integration


By linking the Swyx telephony functions with Outlook and Notes, you can benefit from all the advantages of integrated communication. Incoming calls are directly assigned to the corresponding Outlook or Notes contact by the phone number resolution and you can see exactly which contact wants to reach you by phone. Voicemail enquiries and the reception of voice messages by e-mail are also possible. This is particularly useful if you want to leave a message quickly, but the person you are talking to does not necessarily have to be directly reachable, as it is the case with a telephone call, for example.

Conversely, you can access Outlook and Notes functions and data in your SwyxIt! Windows client. The current calendar entry of employees can be displayed in the context menu of a name key. Together with the existing presence information, unnecessary connection attempts to participants who are not at their workstations, for example, can be prevented. Save yourself unnecessary clicks by easily creating appointment or task requests using the name key. In combination with Outlook and IBM Notes, you can also use calendar-based call forwarding to forward calls depending on your calendar entries.

With Swyx you combine VoIP telephony with the most prominent e-mail services.

Everything at a glance

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Voicemail: Receiving voicemails by e-mail
  • Calendar-based call forwarding 
  • Manage faxes directly on your PC
  • Comprehensive evaluations of the telephone availability of your company and your customers
  • Reliable and structured client management
  • Certified additional solutions for integrated communication

With SwyxFax you manage faxes directly on your PC

Send your faxes electronically - without a fax machine, but with maximum ease of handling and administration. The integration allows the same handling of faxes as you already know from e-mails. Incoming fax documents are converted into a graphic file (e.g. JPEG, TIFF) and delivered to the recipient in a mailbox.

You can forward, save, archive or print your faxes as usual. A fax journal with a list of all faxes provides the necessary overview.

To send a fax, you can simply use the print function from any program. In combination with Outlook, you have full access to contacts and global Exchange address lists for specifying recipients. It is also possible to broadcast a fax message to several addressees, even in connection with the mail merge function e.g. from Microsoft Word.

Call statistics easily integrated: Swyx Analytics by aurenz

Swyx Analytics by aurenz provides extensive evaluations of the telephone availability of your company based on the call data generated with your Swyx PBX.

Individual dashboards give you an overview of all received and lost calls. Know your average workload and know exactly when to expect bottlenecks or overcapacities. Use the information to optimise your collection/drop groups and improve your personnel planning. For example, forward your calls with the help of call routing - you will never miss a call again.

With Swyx Analytics by aurenz you also have an exact overview of when your customers are best available. Call customers when it suits them best - for greater sales success and improved service quality.

The integrated dashboards are designed to be simple and user-friendly and provide hourly analysis of individual departments or participants. If desired, reports can be generated for automatic dispatch.

Comprehensive call accounting is also already included and enables you to charge the costs according to the specific causer. Not only call costs, but also other costs such as working hours or services can be easily broken down.

Swyx Analytics by aurenz is the perfect complement to your Swyx IP solution!

Certified add-on solutions for your Swyx

In addition to the Swyx portfolio, you can also add certified additional solutions to your Swyx PBX. The solution spectrum ranges from call center solutions and special billing or customer management software to various end devices.

The third-party products offered are part of the Swyx Technology Alliance Program (TAP). As part of the TAP, all additional solutions are tested in advance to ensure compatibility with your Swyx PBX.

Add to your Swyx solution according to your needs.

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