With the Swyx PBX you get maximum flexibility

The operating model of your choice

Before purchasing a new PBX, you must clarify which operating model is the right one for your company. With Swyx you have the choice between the classic on-site installation, also called "on-premises", or the cloud variant. If you choose the cloud, you flexibly decide wheter to use the solution within the framework of SwyxON from Swyx's own cloud or from a partner cloud of certified resellers. Which operating model you choose depends on individual requirements. If direct access to the system is important, the on-site variant is most suitable for you. If, for example, the automation of backups and security updates is an issue, the best choice is the cloud model. One thing is for sure: With the Swyx PBX you enjoy full comfort and full functionality, no matter which operating mode you choose.

Everything at a glance

  • The operating model of your choice: inhouse, Swyx Cloud, Partner Cloud
  • Large selection of end devicesranging from headset, over DECT units to mobiles
  • Switch flexibly between the different devices
  • With CTI+, any phone becomes your office phone
  • Choose the user interface that fits your needs best
  • Make your PC telephone your personal work tool

The suitable device for all cases

Swyx offers you a wide range of telephones and communication devices to perfectly complement your IP-PBX. Whether IP telephones, headsets, DECT or conference solutions, all terminal devices are optimised for interaction with Swyx and facilitate daily work with numerous comfort features. The choice of the device depends on the personal preferences of the individual and the purpose of use. For example, headsets are particularly suitable for frequent callers, such as in call centers, and for all those who like to have their hands free when making calls. With the cordless version, users are no longer tied to their desk and can still be reached. Swyx DECT solutions provide you with the greatest possible flexibility and mobility. The cordless handsets allow your employees optimum accessibility, even when they are not at their desk. Especially for colleagues in departments that are constantly on the move, such as the IT or the warehouse, DECT solutions are indispensable. Turn your mobile phone into a fully-fledged extension and be reachable outside the office as usual. Swyx supports all major mobile phone platforms for direct access to the personal office environment.

You can't decide? No problem, with Swyx you can flexibly switch between devices - just as it suits you best.

Future-proof your telephone system and your entire communication now and enjoy the full performance of IP telephony.

With CTI+, any telephone becomes your office telephone

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is the intelligent combination of telephony and PC world and enables direct control of your telephone via your PC.

You can be reached at any telephone under your office extension number and initiate calls from your laptop with CTI+. This is especially helpful for sales representatives who are frequently on the road and do not want to do without their usual telephony environment in the hotel or home office. With one click you can turn any phone into a personal extension including access to phone books, call lists or your call forwarding. You are not bound to a specific device - no matter if DECT, SIP, analogue or ISDN, connect any device with your SwyxIt!

Individual user interfaces for each employee

Working methods are just as different as the employees themselves. And so are the requirements and wishes for the daily work equipment. With Swyx you enable your employees to choose the user interface and the design of the PC telephone themselves. For some employees it can be more convenient to keep the user interface as small as possible - only the most important icons such as the call button, phone book or redial are displayed. Reception staff, by contrast, need more information right away and benefit from a user interface with space for all name buttons and departments.

In addition to the general selection of the user interface, user can adjust their individual settings and create name keys, change status text or configure call forwarding.

You can also find further information at Productivity & Accessibility

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