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Swyx offers you one of the most advanced software-based IP communications solutions on the market. In combination with your existing IP infrastructure Swyx includes all the telephony features you are used to.

In addition, you benefit from the numerous advantages of integrated communications and the simple integration of different applications. The use of messaging, rich presence or video communication at every workstation increases productivity in the company. Thanks to real-time communication, interconnecting all processes and employees is measurably and noticeably easier.

As one of the first players in the IP telephony and Unified Communications (UC) market, Swyx has more than fifteen years of experience in providing advanced communications solutions. Every stage of our product development benefits from the long-term experience in the development of thousands of communications solutions and functions for mid-sized companies across Europe.

See for yourself the possibilities Swyx offers and experience how our communication solution contributes to better collaboration, more productivity and flexibility in every work context..

The Swyx solution is more than just a PBX. It is an intelligent business communication solution that combines communications and collaboration in real time, accelerates processes, displays contact with customers and colleagues in a single user interface and adapts to the needs of your company. No matter how many people you employ today or which features you need tomorrow, for every industry and every stage of development, with an IP communications solution from Swyx, you choose a telephone system that can do much more than just telephony.

What suits

your needs?

Software forms the core of Unified Communications with Swyx. This means that you lay the foundation today for a future-proof communications platform that not only includes all telephone system functions, but also remains up to date through feature enhancements and upgrades. When installing and operating the Swyx solution you have the flexibility to choose between different operating models:

With cloud telephony, you no longer have a PBX in your company, you obtain all functions and features as a service from the cloud. The administration and maintenance of the service takes place in a data center. The only requirement for the use of a cloud solution is an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Calculable costs per user and functionality
  • Automatic backups and security updates

The inhouse model is based on the Swyx software being installed on a server in your company. This can be a dedicated Windows server or a virtualised server system. The administration and maintenance of the system is carried out by your IT or a certified Swyx reseller.

  • Direct access to the system enables maximum individuality
  • Investment is made upon purchase of the system
  • Individual requirements with regard to data protection & security can be met

Compatible with your operating system


Swyx transforms your Windows PC into the perfect communication centre.

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Perfectly at home on the Mac: Swyx Desktop for macOS.

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Mobile Integration

Optimal mobile integration
of Android and iOS.

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Tailored to your needs

The Swyx PBX supports you in your everyday business activities. In addition to the pure telephony function, a large feature set with functions such as presence information, call routing or voicemail is already available to you during installation. Depending on your needs, you can add further functions such as intelligent queue management or connect Swyx directly to existing solutions such as IBM Notes. Find out more!

Technical details

Read more about the features of the Swyx PBX such as telephony and comfort functions,
installation and administration as well as protocols and standards.

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