Thuiszorg Rotterdam improves accessibility with Swyx

The homecare organisation Thuiszorg Rotterdam had separate fixed and mobile telephony networks. The system was obsolete and unreliable and was ready for replacement. The telephony system is a critical component of communication between clients and care providers. That’s why the organisation opted for SwyxWare, the highly reliable Unified Communications solution from Swyx, which integrates both mobile and fixed telephony. "We now have much better accessibility and can take action sooner."

Thuiszorg Rotterdam’s carers operate from seven district locations and eighteen posts spread across the region. This means they are always close to their clients. They work in close cooperation with family doctors, specialists, pharmacists and other social bodies, such as welfare organisations, housing associations, mental healthcare institutions and boroughs. In this network of care providers, a good and reliable communication solution is vitally important.

Much has changed in the care sector in recent years, says Danny Voorwald, general and technical assistant with Thuiszorg Rotterdam: "Greying and the rising costs of care have meant that the various cabinets have cut back on healthcare. The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport has the largest budget of all the ministries. So a lot could be achieved there too. A consequence of the cuts is that, among other things, hospitals discharge their patients far sooner. Nursing in one’s own environment is cheaper. But people also live at home longer."

Everything at a glance

  • Swyx offers the right functionality, flexibility and reliability
  • Swyx provides a combined telephony solution for fixed and mobile traffic, everything in one cloud 
  • Reliable system with the possibility to configure call flows individually
  • Interaction of SwyxWare with Windows applications such as Outlook and Word
  • Call forwarding enables, in case of illness of a nurse, the direct forwarding to her deputy.
  • Name and number changes are easily possible 
  • Statistical information provides data about the volume and time of the calls, waiting time etc.

"Because of the greying, combined with heavier pressure on the care budget, greater calls are made on the flexibility of healthcare personnel," says Sandra van Bokkum, general and technical assistant with Thuiszorg Rotterdam. "Everything has to be as efficient as possible. Previously you might have had time to take a cup of coffee with a client. That’s no longer the case. On entry you have to begin the care immediately."


In its previous set-up Thuiszorg Rotterdam had two networks, one for fixed and one for mobile telephony. The limited functionality meant only traditional redirection was possible. The telephone exchange for fixed telephony was also seriously obsolete and had thus become unreliable. Van Bokkum: "Once we sat through an entire afternoon without fixed telephony. That simply cannot happen in our sector. We were also dissatisfied with the collaboration with the previous supplier. Their support was often inadequate and too late."

Thuiszorg Rotterdam went looking for a supplier of a combined telephony solution for fixed and mobile telephone traffic for four hundred workplaces. Through the supplier Venéco, they found SwyxWare, the Unified Communications  solution from Swyx. Voorwald: "We wanted a provider of both fixed and mobile telephony, everything in one cloud. The system also had to be absolutely reliable and we wanted to be able to configure the call flows ourselves for maximum accessibility. We also needed management information. In other words, getting more data out of the system, such as the volume and the time of the calls, the waiting time. This gives you good control as an organisation."


SwyxWare offered the right functionality, flexibility and reliability for Thuiszorg Rotterdam. Collaboration with supplier Venéco went extremely well according to Voorwald and Van Bokkum. This Swyx partner implemented the Swyx solution with no difficulties. They are also highly impressed with the interaction with Windows applications like Outlook and Word. And the foundation gets more information about incoming and outgoing calls. This enables the organisation to set itself up even more efficiently.

Van Bokkum: "Configuring a call flow is easy on this system. If an employee is sick, on holiday or not on duty, then a client must be redirected automatically to his or her replacement. That wasn’t possible with the old system. The call flow has now been set up so that calls are always answered. We can also create a number or change a name in an instant. For our clients this means we are far more accessible and can take action much faster." Voorwald adds: "Not only are fixed and mobile telephony integrated, but internal calling has now become free. Normally you have to choose, but SwyxWare is a system which cheaper as well as more efficient."

About Thuiszorg Rotterdam

The Thuiszorg Rotterdam foundation nurses and cares for people at home. In addition to serving Rotterdam, the care provider is active in Schiedam, Capelle aan den IJssel and Krimpen aan den IJssel. The organisation employs some 1,400 people, 150 of them in the Rotterdam headquarters. Thuiszorg Rotterdam delivers professional care to around 12,000 clients. This makes it the largest homecare provider in the Rotterdam region.


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