Most recent SwyxPhone whitelist for SwyxWare (kb2589)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare from v4.20

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Beginning with SwyxWare v4.20 all ip-phones, except SwyxPhones Lxxx purchased from Swyx, need a Swyxphone License to be able to login to SwyxServer. To detect if a phone has been purchased from Swyx or a third party, SwyxServer uses a whitelist file which is read during SwyxServer start and which can be updated while SwyxServer is running (SwyxWare < v4.40 need a SwyxServer service restart to read an updated list)

This article describes how you get and install the latest whitelist.

For ISDN phones being connected to an internal bus, analogue phones being connected to an IP terminal adapter, or SIP phones no SwyxPhone licenses are needed.


When should you install a current whitelist file:

First check, if SwyxServer has sufficient user licenses, if a SwyxPhone displays "no user or phone license available". If SwyxServer has enough user licenses and you've puchased the phone from Swyx, install the latest whitelist file.


You can find the latest SwyxPhone whitelist on the download page in the support area and on the Swyx FTP server:



  • Start the setup by double clicking the MSI file.

  • If you're using SwyxWare <v4.40 restart SwyxServer service. Please note that all current connections will be disconnected when restarting the SwyxServer service. SwyxWare v4.40 or newer detects and reads a changed whitelist automatically without service restart.

  • If you use SwyxStandby: Please install the whitelist on Master AND Standby server.


Automatical Update:

Starting with version 2015 R40 SwyxWare supports automatic update which can be enabled during installation.

Important Hints:

  • You need at least SwyxWare v4.33 Hotfix 8 or SwyxWare v4.40 Hotfix 2 to install and use this update. If you have an older v4.33 or v4.40 version please update that version before installing the whitelist.

  • When SwyxWare Phonewhitelist update is removed via Add/Remove programs the whitelist is deleted and SwyxWare won't accept any SwyxPhone without license. Install the update again or use SwyxWare's repair function. The latter installs the whitelist that was shipped with your SwyxWare version.

  • When you run SwyxWare setup in modification or repair mode, e.g. by clicking "Change" at "SwyxWare" in Add/Remove programs, any whitelist update is lost, i.e. the whitelist is replaced with the version shipped with your SwyxWare version.

  • During installation the old whitelist version is removed before the new one is installed. SwyxServer detects the removal and writes a warning in the application event log. However SwyxWare v4.40 and older don't inform about successful loading of the new whitelist. Therefore after applying the update you'll see the warning about the missing whitelist but the new whitelist has been installed successfully. This will be fixed in SwyxWare v5.00.


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