Netviewer Meet exclusively available for Swyx customers (kb4305)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2011
  • SwyxIt! Collaboration Pack

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Due to the acquisition of Netviewer by Citrix Online the sales for Netviewer products has been discountinued as of April 1st 2011.

Swyx is pleased to announce that Swyx and Netviewer signed an exclusive agreement that allows Swyx customers to purchase Netviewer products until further notice.

Swyx customers also receive the technical support from Netviewer. A later update to Citrix GoToMeeting is possible at any time. 

If you are interested in purchasing Netviewer Meet products please contact the responsible Netviewer contact Mrs. Baumann:

Technical notice: SwyxWare 2011 still contains the current version of the Netviewer Meet Client software and the Netviewer PlugIn. The installation of the software is not included in the default installation of the SwyxIt! client. If you need to (re)install the Netviewer PlugIn please choose "custom installation" during the SwyxIt! installation process.


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