TPP: Konftel300IP - SwyxWare 2013 R4 (kb4619)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2013 R4
  • Konftel 300IP

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Within the Swyx Technology Partner Programme (TPP) the Konftel300IP was successfully tested against a SwyxWare 2013 R4 and hereby reaches the certification level Tested.

This KB article describes all mandatory configuration steps that need to be performed to assure a flawless operation between a Konftel300IP and a SwyxWare 2013 R4.


1. Certification test

The tests were executed between a Konftel300IP and a SwyxWare2013 R4.


The following combination was tested:

  • SwyxWare2013 R4, against Konftel300IP, Firmware 2.3.1 from 2014-06-04


SwyxPhone      L615
DECT 500

1.1 Executed tests

Inbound and outbound calls from and to the above endpoints and from and to PSTN/GSM

  • Signaling
  • CLIP
  • Long duration calls
  • Hold / Retrieve
  • Call toggeling
  • Transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Call forwarding internal/external
  • Group calls
  • DTMF Signaling
  • CTI/CTI+

All testcases were completed sucessfully.

If the Konftel300IP is being held by another internal party, this situation is shown on the display of the Konftel300IP, but no MoH is being played.

Master-Standby configuration is not supported.

2. Start-up

The following steps are necessary for a start-up:

  • Creation of a SIP user in the SwyxWare
  • Optionally a firmware update of the Konftel300IP
  • Configuration of the Konftel300IP

2.1. Preparation of SwyxWare

  1. Using the configuration assistant, create a new SIP user or configure an existing user to allow registration through SIP phones.
  2. Configure "SIP-User-ID" and "SIP Username" with a value of your choice, use the same value for both items.
  3. Configure the SIP password.
  4. Deactivate T.38 in the list of supported codecs
  5. If CTI or CTI+ functionality is required for the Konftel300IP, the option 'Use SIP devices as sytem phones' must be selected.
    Note: In this case, operation of the Konftel300IP has to be realized through function codes, i.e. when putting a call on hold, even if CTI/CTI+ is not activated.

2.2. Preparation of the Konftel300IP

Update the firmware of the Konftel300IP to the tested version V2.3.1 from 2014-06-04 before adjusting the configuration. Login a s ADMIN through the web interface of the Konftel300IP. Underneath the tab 'Settings -> Provisioning' it is possible to automatically update the firmaware. It is also possible to download the firmware in advance from and load it into the Konftel300IP.

After updating the firmware, the Konftel300 will restart.

2.3. Configuration of the Konftel300IP

Login a s ADMIN through the web interface of the Konftel300IP.

Underneath the tab 'Settings -> SIP' the login data to register at the SwyxWare are configured. Hereby Account name is just used to be shown on the display of the Konftel300IP, User corresponds to the SIP-User-ID of the SwyxWare user, Authentication name corresponds to the SIP User name. Configure the password, use the static IP address of the SwyxWare server as Registrar and ProxyRegistration interval has to be set to 120 (SwyxWare default value).
In the section 'Advanced' Session expiration has to be set to 90 (SwyxWare default value).

Underneath the tab 'Settings -> Media', DTMF signaling must be configured to 'SIP INFO'.

Additional info and possible configuration settings can be found in the documentation for the Konftel300IP.


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