Which Ports are used by SwyxWare 2011 and 2011 R2 (kb4323)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2011 R2
  • SwyxWare 2011 R2
  • SwyxFax Server 2011
  • SwyxIt! 2011
  • SwyxWare 2011
  • SwyxConnect 1724
  • SwyxConnect 1723
  • SwyxConnect 1722
  • SwyxPhone L615
  • SwyxPhone L680
  • SwyxPhone L660
  • SwyxPhone L640
  • SwyxPhone L620
  • SwyxPhone S315
  • SwyxDECT 800
  • SwyxPhone L540
  • SwyxPhone L520s
  • SwyxPhone L440
  • SwyxPhone L420

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Which Ports are used by SwyxWare 2011 or 2011 R2?


A short introduction and a list of all used ports can be found in the attached document (PDF) at the end of this article.


Information about the used ports of other SwyxWare version can be found here:

Additional information:

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As far as software supplied or used by us, includes open source elements the additional terms under https://www.enreach.de/open-source apply in addition. An overview which products from the Swyx portfolio include open source elements and which open source license is relevant can be found under https://www.swyx.com/open-source.

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