Creation of own entries in the context menu of the SwyxIt! speed dials (kb3825)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2013 R3
  • SwyxIt! 2011 R2
  • SwyxIt! v6.20
  • SwyxIt! v6.12
  • SwyxIt! v6.11

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For improved integration of 3rd party applications the context menus of speed dials can be extended with additional menu entries. This feature allows launching external applications with parameters of the chosen speed dial and the current call or last call of the selected line.


The additional menu entries will be added below the existing entry “Send E-mail...”. The menu label (text of the menu entry), command line and working directory will be configured via registry.

Below the following keys an arbitrary number of sub keys will define the additional menu entries:



There structure of such an entry looks like this:

Subkey “Key1”
• String Value “MenuLabel”: e.g. with value “Video conference”
• String Value “CommandLine”: e.g. with value “c:\videoconf.exe”
• String Value “WorkingDirectory”: e.g. with value “c:\”

Here a menu entry “Video conference” would be added to all speed dials. When that menu is chosen from a speed dial, the application “c:\test.exe” would be launched with the configured number of the speed dial as command line parameter.

Modified context menu
Modified context menu
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The "CommandLine" and the "WorkingDirectory" can contain several variables:

Subkey “Key2”
• String Value “MenuLabel”: e.g. with value “Video conference”
• String Value “CommandLine”: e.g. with value “c:\videoconf.exe %SpeedDialPeernumber%
• String Value “WorkingDirectory”: e.g. with value “c:\”

Regarding the speed dials the following variables can be used:

- %SpeedDialPeernumber% is the phone number configured on the chosen speed dial
- %SpeedDialLabel% is the label configured on the chosen speed dial
- %SpeedDialUserbitmap% is the user bitmap file name configured on the chosen speed dial (not including the path)
(no return if User graphic = <automatic>)
- %SpeedDialState% is the current state (as integer value) of the chosen speed dial
  0: Unknown
  1: Logged off
  2: Logged on
  3: Speaking
  4: Notification call available / call pickup possible
  5: busy
  6: do not disturb

A detailed list of the available variables can be found here SwyxIt! Web Extension Variables (kb3694)

The variables will be expanded when the shortcut button is pressed. The parameters will be filled in from the details of the chosen speed dial (the speed dial where the context menu is displayed for) and the selected line. When the line is idle or disabled, the details of the last call will be used, otherwise the details of the current call will be used.

In the command line there can be any program which will be executed by Windows (e.g. could be entered within Windows menu “start\run”):

• notepad
• c:\test.doc
• c:\windows\notepad.exe

Both, command line and working directory, will support quoted file names like “c:\program files\test\test.exe” %SelLinePeernumber%.

For launching VB script files, the command line looks like wscript.exe "C:\CallTo.vbs" %SelLinePeernumber%
and the working directory would be "C:\".

The variables are replaced case insensitive.

When variables are replaced, the replacement does not contain quotation marks automatically. It is recommended to include quotation marks in the configured command line if the variable content could include blanks.

“c:\program files\test\test.exe” “%SelLinePeername%”  would be expanded to something like

“c:\program files\test\test.exe” “Jones, Tom” 


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